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Three best browsers

 When we talk about the top three web browser then the following name comes in our mind according to their performance.

1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Opera

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers which is using currently for good response and performance of the chrome is very good. Google chrome browser installed on every mobile and computer system. Chrome first comes in the market in September 2008 developed by the CEO of Google sunder is install around 60% of the system and android phone that means 60% of the people use the Google chrome. Chrome is known by the good interface chrome provide the good interface. Chrome is easy to use and it loads quickly whatever we want to load. Just start typing in to address war and your result will appear from your history. There are some key features of Google Chrome. Slightly confusing interface, decent performance, easy-to-manage site privacy controls, excellent sync. You want to more information about the Chrome then you can contact us on the Chrome tech support Number

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also a web browser provide good privacy settings.Mozilla browser is quite slow then chrome but its good in the performance and looks very much like chrome. The interface of the Mozilla is busier than the Chrome interface. Mozilla has more functioning there is a home button and dedicated search box. We are not sure why this separate box is necessary .if we talk about the privacy features of Mozilla for the search box you cannot turn off your search suggestion. In this, we can’t configure search box and address bar separately search suggestion have disabled and enabled. Firefox easy to customize the interface and you can remove such clutter. As we discussed that Mozilla is good in performance but we did not notice that Firefox become slower when history and bookmarks filled.If you have any query related to this then you can visit us on the Chrome Support Number

There are some key features of Firefox

·         Customizable

·         Relatively high battery usage

·         A little slow

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